Summer Fit, Fifth - Sixth Grade (Summer Fit Activities) by Inc Active Planet Kids

Summer Fit, Fifth - Sixth Grade (Summer Fit Activities)

Book Title: Summer Fit, Fifth - Sixth Grade (Summer Fit Activities)

Publisher: Active Planet Kids, Inc

ISBN: 0998290262

Author: Inc Active Planet Kids

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Inc Active Planet Kids with Summer Fit, Fifth - Sixth Grade (Summer Fit Activities)

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Summer Fit Activities Fifth - Sixth Grade is an engaging workbook that helps children learn and grow over the summer. It contains three different foundation pieces for child success: academics, health, and ethics with the study of role models including Nelson Mandela, Abe Lincoln and Kartick Satyanarayan from Wildlife SOS. Summer Fit Activities makes learning fun with colorful illustrations, family activities, fitness logs and incentive calendars. Summer Fit is easy to use for parents, caregivers and grandparents to guide and follow along as their child’s progresses throughout the summer. Daily lessons in academics and fitness are designed with a self-motivating incentive contract calendar program to help encourage guide and reward children to complete their work.


Summer Fit Activities uses an integrated approach to summer learning that includes all basic skills and focuses on non-cognitive and cognitive development.


* Daily lessons in reading, writing, math, language arts, science and geography

* Supports National Standards

* Promotes Whole Child Learning

* Daily Fitness Program

* Summer Journaling

* Summer Reading Program

* Healthy Eating and Nutrition Section

* Builds Confidence, Self Esteem, Empathy and Leadership

* Reviews and Previews Grade Levels

* Weekly Core Values reinforce positive social skills and behavior

* Free online resources extend summer learning experience