The Graduate's Survival Guide (Book & DVD) by Rachel Cruze

The Graduate's Survival Guide (Book & DVD)

Book Title: The Graduate's Survival Guide (Book & DVD)

Publisher: Lampo Press

ISBN: 1937077004

Author: Rachel Cruze

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Rachel Cruze with The Graduate's Survival Guide (Book & DVD)

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What if there was a personal guide that would prepare graduating seniors for their college experience? Now, there is one.

Rachel Cruze is excited to introduce The Graduate s Survival Guide. No incoming college freshman should leave home without this gift, which will help prepare them for many of the dangers and unanswered questions they have about college. The Graduate s Survival Guide includes a book, presented in a fun and easy Q&A format, that will quickly become a trusted companion.
Topics Include:

Balancing a Checkbook
Collision and Liability Insurance
Compound Interest
Credit Cards
Part-Time Jobs
Student Loans
and Much More.

The guide also includes a humorous and informative DVD about college life. In segmented tracks, Rachel Cruze, Christy Wright and Jon Acuff share helpful and hilarious tips and stories on topics like class scheduling, finances, eating out, college living, and roommates.

The Graduate s Survival Guide is the gift you wish you d had when you went to college. Don t let the graduating seniors in your life leave home without it!